Team Building with Operation Restoration Christian School
November 22 2016 0 comment

Team Building with Operation Restoration Christian School

Nel and Sharon spent an interesting afternoon on Wednesday November 16, training app. 20 parents of the Operation Restoration Christian School in Trench Town. These parents see so much violence all around them in this inner-city community, that they too respond violently to almost every situation.  One grandmother described how she slapped her granddaughter in the face (‘boxed’ her as we would say in Jamaica), because the granddaughter had slapped her baby sister in the face.  Well the granddaughter simply slapped back the grandmother in her face!!  Another parent frequently declared that her sons knew that she would stab them up if they disrespected her; only to later tell the group that one of her sons had recently killed someone who disrespected him.  Lessons learnt.

 The training session was a small step in showing them a different way to communicate with their children and to handle issues..  The simple steps they learnt as they tried to do an activity, is something they can easily use in their everyday lives  as they teach their children about life

  • Give verbal instructions
  • Demonstrate the instructions
  • Let the other person do it, while you watch
  • Encourage and correct if needed, while they do it again and again, until you know that they know how to do it..


We look forward to working some more with these parents as we seek to strengthen families.  Living out our motto: “One generation to another”

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