My new role of Ambassador
October 19 2016 0 comment

My new role of Ambassador

I was privileged to spend July and August visiting friends, family and supporters in the UK and the Netherlands, followed by a 10 day visit to Florida in September, attending a wedding of a 'long time' New Generation Camper and combining the visit with .... yes you guessed it: meeting friends.   So exciting!

One of New Generation's Core Values is to 'intentionally build caring relationships'.  We have been doing so over the years and I have found that there is nothing that compares with hearing each other's story, the joys as well as the pain and challenges, and then together trust God for His promises on the way forward.  Since this goes straight to the core of our being, a meaningful relationship has developed.

Shared experiences, through the adventure of New Generation Camp, in all its developments and stages, has and continues to have, an amazing impact on our lives.  It really is about Kingdom life together, be it in Europe, USA, or wherever in this world.  Strengthening each other and living in His victory and thereby 'declaring God's mighty acts'. 

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